7 deadly foods we all consume in everyday life


This is based on the individual allergies, intolerances or illnesses. If you do not have any of them, you can in principle eat what you want. Just in the right and reasonable measure.

That means eating enough vegetables and fruit, eating a variety of foods and drinking enough. If you pay attention to these things and do not eat beyond what you need, you can occasionally treat yourself to one of the things in the following list. We’ll show you ten foods that can be most damaging to your health if you have them on the menu too often.

  1. French fries and other fried foods

French fries, nuggets, chicken wings or chips – who doesn’t know the seductive smell of fried food. On the one hand, fat is of course an important flavor carrier. On the other hand, however, fried products contain many calories and, above all, a large amount of so-called trans fats. The latter are caused by the intense heating of the deep-frying fat, especially if this happens frequently.

These are considered to be the most unhealthy fatty acids and are partly responsible for the development of cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, they have a negative impact on cholesterol levels. It is therefore advisable to keep trans fats in the diet to a minimum. If you want to deep-fry something every now and then, make sure you use high-quality oils and change the fat regularly.

  1. Sugary soft and energy drinks

Who does not know the urge to enjoy one of the popular, chilled soft drinks in hot weather. These drinks are not soft at all, because most of them contain a large amount of sugar. The same applies to the popular energy drinks. These also contain a large amount of caffeine and therefore have a stimulating effect.

The bad thing about sugary drinks is the extra liquid calories you consume. These have no effect on satiety and are therefore often referred to as empty calories. Sometimes they are a big factor in the development of obesity. At the same time, they damage teeth and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

  1. Candy

Falling exhausted on the sofa in the evening and having a snack in front of the TV is part of the process for many people. In addition to the chips already mentioned, you will often also grab sweets such as gummy bears. However, these can also be found again and again in offices as snacks or for an alleged energy boost.

Most people know that these sweets usually consist of a lot of sugar and otherwise do not provide any nutrients. Nevertheless, many cannot do without it. As already mentioned with the sugary soft drinks, these empty calories are a major risk factor for obesity and numerous diseases. Better to use alternatives, a few nuts, berries or vegetable sticks are ideal.

  1. Sausages

Can you imagine that every German eats an average of 30 kilograms of sausage a year? Germany is and will remain a sausage country and, with over 1500 varieties, offers a true paradise for sausage lovers. Regardless of the ethical concerns that are disregarded in this case, many should reconsider their sausage consumption. Because, as with so much, it is especially with the sausage that the amount makes the poison.

Sausage is not necessarily unhealthy, but you should pay attention to the list of ingredients. Popular varieties such as sausage, cabanossi or salami contain a huge amount of salt and fat. Too much salt increases the risk of high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, while too much fat is high in calories and increases the risk of obesity. The better alternative is to use lower-fat varieties and view sausage as a pleasure experience.

  1. Light products

One of the most controversial topics in nutrition is the use of light products. Many consumers like to use these products because they believe they are doing something good for their health. The law stipulates that one ingredient in light products must be reduced by 30%, for example sugar or fat. However, if you take a closer look at the products, you will notice that this often has only minor advantages.

Especially for products such as yoghurts, cheese, sausage or chips, it can be seen that the calorie content is usually only slightly different. This is because more sugar is then usually added to a low-fat food or more fat to a low-sugar food. It must be mentioned, however, that light drinks can be quite useful. For heavy drinkers, these can offer variety without consuming additional calories.

  1. Sugary breakfast cereals

Children in particular, but also many adults, love the best-known brands of muesli to supposedly get energy delivered quickly in the morning. They also taste like chocolate or cinnamon. However, these well-known cereals are anything but a healthy breakfast. Individual ready-made mueslis with oatmeal can be quite useful, but you should examine the list of contents for added sugar.

The cereals usually consist of a lot of sugar and fat, they are baked in these for a crispy crunch. The crisper the flakes, the more fat they usually contain. These do not fill you up, provide lots of empty calories and few nutrients. It is much better to put together your own muesli.

  1. Dried fruits
    Do you prefer to use dried fruit instead of sweets to save calories and consume vitamins? Due to drying, the fruits lose up to 80% of the liquid, which is why the fruits consist largely of carbohydrates.


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