Do you have varicose veins? These 6 tips can help


Who doesn’t think it’s nice to take a long, very warm shower? However, it is not advisable to do this often if you want to prevent varicose veins. The warm water makes your blood vessels expand and that’s really not what you want with varicose veins. But you shouldn’t take a shower when it is warm . It is advisable to take a cold shower .

But of course that’s less fun . If you cannot or do not want to take a cold shower , then you should rinse yourself with cold water or at least your legs and feet after taking a warm shower . Always do this from the bottom up. The cold water constricts your blood vessels and restores your blood pressure.

  1. Movement

Sufficient exercise is the be-all and end-all . This is really one of the most important things you can do to prevent varicose veins. Cardio training in particular is what brings the most benefits. Bicycling, hiking, and swimming are good sports as they work out your leg and calf muscles. As your muscles work, blood flow to your legs is stimulated and varicose veins are stopped. The contraction of the muscles also massages the veins , which in turn eases blood flow.

Once you have varicose veins, it is better not to do weight training with your legs , as this will make the varicose veins in your legs worse from the pressure you put in!

  1. Sitting and standing for long periods of time
    As soon as you sit or stand too long, this is not good either. So you really shouldn’t do this for too long . Do you have a job that you do while sitting or standing? Then you get varicose veins faster . When you move and walk around, the muscles in your legs work.

As your muscles contract , they sort of push the blood up out of your legs. This means that too much exercise is not exactly good either . It is also not good to stand still or sit down a lot ; prevent this and the blood collects in the veins. So you should find the perfect balance between the two in order to best protect yourself.

  1. Don’t lift too hard
    Heavy lifting has the same effect on the veins in the legs as being overweight or standing too long . The extra pressure causes the veins in the legs to expand and become slack . This creates a lot of varicose veins. Of course, lifting something heavy every now and then doesn’t directly lead to a varicose vein.

But if you have a job that requires a lot of lifting, you are at increased risk . Perhaps you could talk to your boss or your colleague so that you don’t always have to overcome these difficult tasks on your own. This will certainly not only be good for your varicose veins , but also for your back.

  1. Healthy eating
    A healthy diet is always good for you, of course. Certain foods make you less prone to varicose veins , while other foods increase the risk of it! Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and high fiber foods . Garlic has specific properties that prevent the inflammation of varicose veins and promote blood circulation. But if you take too much of it, your life partner must do the same.

It is better to leave coffee, alcohol, and sugar . These products make the vein wall softer, which gives varicose veins a better chance. Also, it is not healthy to take too much of it to himself , since not only the varicose veins worse are, but also the health of the whole body .

  1. The right shoes
    High heels are really nice, but anything but comfortable. These particularly high shoes are also not good for your varicose veins. But this is bad news for those who like to wear high heels … Wearing extremely high heels leads to varicose veins in the long term! It is better to wear comfortable shoes or shoes with a small heel. Can’t you really do without your favorite shoes? Then don’t wear them too often!

When you put your legs a little higher than the rest of your body, the blood flows out of your legs thanks to gravity . It also helps if you sleep with a pillow under your feet . At night the blood flows to its lowest point and this reduces the pressure in the legs.