signs of cancer that women shouldn’t ignore


Cancer is still a widespread topic in our society, and it is responsible for a lot of grief and suffering. And one of them is particularly striking in women – breast cancer! To control this type of cancer as much as possible, it is always important not to waste time and act promptly.

If you wait too long for cancer to occur, there is an increased risk of cancer spreading more and more into the body and leading to death in the worst case. To avoid this, it is often helpful to pay attention to special characters, even if they seem very small and insignificant at first.

  1. Breast cancer – a lump in the breast

In many cases, cancer manifests itself in clear lumps that can be found directly under the skin. This is a clear sign of proliferating cell tumors that become clearly visible over time. Breast cancer also often develops into lumps, which unfortunately sometimes go unnoticed.

That is why it is recommended that every woman regularly check and feel her breasts on her own. This scale also achieves the effect of careful monitoring of continuous comparison. Once you see something here that wasn’t there before, you should not waste any more time and contact your doctor.

  1. Breast cancer – changes in the nipples

Changes in the nipples (if not clearly caused by breastfeeding) are always a very worrying sign. If enlargement, discolouration, stiffness, or other changes occur, no woman should be afraid to tell her doctor right away.

Even if the skin of your nipples suddenly begins to peel, this is the most common warning sign of breast cancer. The pleas are also a cause for concern. There is nothing embarrassing about anything other than the inconvenience of notifying your doctor in time about these changes. In these cases, there is usually enough time to act. Unfortunately, very few women are aware of the risks of these symptoms.

  1. Breast cancer – skin changes

Not only the change in the skin of the nipples can be considered a clear warning sign. This could also be a general change in the skin of the breast. In most cases, the color and texture of the skin changes here.

The skin often becomes red and the affected areas are warmer than usual. If this is not due to an injury, it is recommended to seek medical advice. In addition, boils can form, which can be better seen by extending the arm over the head. It is easiest to recognize this change when your breasts are well printed and in a healthy state.

  1. Breast cancer – enlarged lymph nodes

However, the obvious symptoms of breast cancer cannot be seen in cuddling alone. It can sometimes occur in other parts of the body, such as the armpits. If it is swollen, this often indicates inflammation.

However, like most other visible symptoms, this inflammation is usually painless, making it difficult to link a small change in the body to cancer. However, many other diseases can also be responsible for swollen lymph nodes. If no one knows, every woman must be examined. Better poor horse than no horse at all.

  1. Breast cancer – bloody secretions from the nipples

Another important indicator of breast cancer is bloody secretions from the nipples. If blood stains suddenly appear on your sleep shirt in the morning, this is not a death sentence at first. Minor wear or cutting may also be responsible.

However, if there is no such explanation, it is important to ensure that the blood is indeed coming from the nipple. If this is the case, it is essential to see a doctor as soon as possible. This will trigger more follow-up examinations to determine if it is indeed breast cancer or some other infection. But there may be an alternative explanation.