How to lose weight nicely?


How to lose weight nicely?

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We know that losing weight is hard work. And the more we put it off, the harder it becomes to get our hands together and do something about the beauty of our figure. An even more unpleasant truth is that as we age, weight loss becomes a chimera, and that’s when we need to pay more attention to the healthy aspect of our weight.

We have repeatedly mentioned that, in fact, the best strategy to have a slim figure is to build lasting healthy habits that combine a balanced diet at intervals and the right ratio of nutrients, delivering a variety of valuable nutrients for the body, enough movement. and sleep. But habits are the hardest job, to create them or to give them up …
What to do when after a year of pandemic and prolonged stay in tracksuits we have discovered that “love pillows” have become more …

We have to roll up our sleeves!

Here are 15 tips from experts that could be useful in the difficult task of getting rid of the unpleasant fat in the laps. They are selected so that they have an effect not immediately, because we live not in the production of the film industry, but over time, but permanently.

See them:

Rule number one: Stop thinking about losing weight at all!

Focusing on weight loss leads to repeated starting and stopping diets. These diets are usually unhealthy because they are based on severe calorie restriction, deprivation of a group of essential nutrients – such as fats or carbohydrates, exclusion of foods that may be needed by the body or building a limited range of foods that deprive the body. of health nutrients. 


What works is to restructure our thinking and focus on ourselves as a whole. Think about how you would like to look. This image “goes” with a certain lifestyle, right? Clothing, activity, behavior … Well, well then – build a diet with which you can present yourself properly to the world in relation to this image! Charlize Theron or Hugh Jackman don’t like cramming with mekis, do they?

Rule number two: Customize your approach to diet

There is no one-size-fits-all diet. Everyone is an individual with very specific preferences, taste, age, lifestyle, perceptions, medical history, genetic predisposition, etc., etc. 

Food preferences are formed in the days of our feeding in infancy. This cannot be changed in a week or at all. Nutrition is so closely linked to our psyche, culture and society, which shows that only a personalized approach will give effect and durability. 

Can you imagine losing pizza and beer with friends just because you switched to the keto diet? Realistically, it can bring you discomfort, depressed mood, depression … You don’t need it. Or, even though you hate the gym, rush to spend hours on the equipment there. Well, the result will be that you feel more like a “rag” than that you improve your self-esteem, especially if you have decided to exclude carbohydrates from your diet …

The mode should be friendly, yours, the only suitable one, made especially for you. Training should be yours – those that give you more wings than moving the scales.



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