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2061 Yukon Street, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 3P1
Map + Directions ▹
Please see the map below, or click here for the Google map location.
  • Yukon St. is one block east of Cambie St.
  • The intersection is approximately 4th Ave. and Yukon St.
  • There’s a Starbucks on the corner of 4th Ave. & Yukon; the studio is located in the back alley behind Starbucks.
  • In this back alley, there are two red doors. We are the middle one up the small flight of stairs.
  • Below is a photo of our building facing onto Yukon St. The back alley is located between this building and the new apartment building in the right side of this photo:

Is there parking at the studio? ▹
The studio is located in a back alley, which our door opens onto, so you can always drop off materials before parking if that helps.

free parking:
On 4th Ave, there are many free parking locations that will be fairly easy to find in the evenings.

1-hour parking: Throughout the area, there are many 1-hour parking spots sprinkled about. Parking becomes free after 6pm for each of these 1-hour spots, so you can park there anytime after 5pm.

paid parking: Everything east of Yukon St. is $1/hour, while everything west of Yukon is $2/hour.
hours of operation
The school runs the following dates:
  • fall term: September 9 – December 27
  • winter term: January 6 – April 26
  • Summer term: May 11 – August 24
The school will be open during class times only.
Please see class schedule here.

The school runs year round, but is briefly closed in between terms:
  • Winter break: December 23 –January 12
  • Spring break: April 29 – May 12
  • Summer break: August 26 – September 9
What time should I arrive at the studio? ▹
drawing and painting: We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes before the start of class.
demos / special events / lecture series: We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes before the start.